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Serge Sentis AKA Aerosteak is a french musician and sound designer living in Paris. Multi-instrumentist, he plays guitar and keyboards, and loves including retro analog sounds in modern DAW productions.

He has a solid experience of making music for movies, advertising and documentaries, which allows him to compose soundtracks using a wide variety of musical styles. He also often works as a producer or co-producer for french artists, making arrangements and creating sounds and songs from scratch.

Most recently, he co-founded InfiniVerse Studios, a structure specialized in creating VR content and video games. His passion for vintage gaming and artistic universes with a strong identity remains the main motivation behind his work. He loves above all creating sound design and long and eclectic atmospheres along with catchy musical themes, to fit in nicely with the impressive worlds built by his fellow partners.

Most importantly, he also plays table tennis and video games and doesn't like to lose. Really.



Welcome to Doll City (Doll City Prologue soundtrack)

Look Mom, No Lungs (Doll City Prologue soundtrack)

Have You Ever Been Alive? (Doll City Prologue soundtrack)

Dying City Remix (Frustration Remix by DJ Pone & Aerosteak)

Balomina Mwanga (Maravillas de Mali Remix by Aerosteak & Funkfish)

Trans Boulogne Express (Birdy Nam Nam Remix by Aerosteak)

Sweat King (Brisa Roché Remix by Aerosteak & Twin Twin)

Pauline Croze - Chorando Sim feat. Bruno Ferreira (arrangements et production by Aerosteak & Richard Minier)

Pauline Croze - Essa Moca Ta Diferente feat. Flavia Coelho (arrangements et production by Aerosteak & Richard Minier)

Disco Rough Everything Piano Version (Mathématiques Modernes cover by Aerosteak & Soda Pop Kid)

Pulpo - America (Aerosteak & Soda Pop Kid)

Ferry Women (Global Steak documentary soundtrack by Aerosteak)

Manchester (Global Steak documentary soundtrack by Aerosteak)

Manhattan (Obama, la Dernière Campagne documentary soundtrack by Aerosteak)

Central Park (Obama, la Dernière Campagne documentary soundtrack by Aerosteak)